Cyclopathy Friday Smash

Cyclopathy Friday Smash

A 10-15 minute race every Friday at 1045 UTC (0545 ET) using vELO categories. For the time being we are doing same time starts and all categories visible with a “neutral start” to allow the rear pens to catch up. If we start getting larger numbers of entrants we might split it up a bit. But for now it’s a short race of smashy fun. For January 2024 I’ve set up a league on ZwiftPower, which can be found here.

DateRoute (click to sign up)
108 December 2023Glasgow Crit. 3 laps
215 December 2023LaGuardia Loop reverse. 2 laps
322 December 2023Two Bridges Loop. 1 lap
29 December 2023Innsbruckring. 1 lap
505 January 2024Queen’s Highway. 2 laps
612 January 2024Champs Élysées, 1 lap
719 January 2024Mech Isle Loop, 2 laps
826 January 2024Electric Loop, 1 lap
92 February 2024City and the Sgurr, 1 lap
109 February 2024Glasgow Crit, 3 laps
1116 February 2024 LaGuardia Loop reverse. 2 laps
1223 February 2024Queen’s Highway. 2 laps
1301 March 2024Champs Élysées, 1 lap
January 2024 Friday Smash League

29 December 2023 Cyclopathy Friday Smash #4 Innsbruckring
Cyclopathy Friday Smash from 22 December 2023, streamed by David Alexander
December 22 2023 Two Bridges Loop Streamed by Josiah Boda