2023 Cycling Highlights
2023 Cycling Highlights

2023 Cycling Highlights

From memory, 2023 seems to have been a year of windy weather, lower volume and higher intensity. It feels like I’ve ridden a lot less outdoor than previously and done a lot more Zwift racing. It was also a year of interruptions. I had four unavoidable “can’t take a bike with you” trips with multi-day down-time messing with my CTL. I did manage some walks and runs on those trips, but it’s just not the same. There was also one short period of illness where I had to step away from riding/racing for a few days. All the little red dots on the chart represent a race day.

I started the year at 52 CTL and peaked in June at 65, briefly touching 66 in September before trips 3 & 4 and ending the year at 57. Weight is largely unchanged starting the year around 68kg and ending around 67kg, but it fluctuates +/- 1kg anyway.

So What Was New in 2023?

  • I managed to do the Alpe in under 1-hour
  • I did 146 races (16 Gold, 17 Silver, 14 Bronze)
  • Dirt Racing Series (DRS) captaining the Sprocketeers
  • A short duathlon
  • Trying to get a run in most weeks for the sake of bone density
  • New longest distance of 175km
  • Live Streaming Zwift races
  • Active involvement in ZwiftRacing.app
  • First try of IndieVelo
  • Elimination race
  • Organised my first Zwift races (Cyclopathy Friday Smash)
  • New all-time high indoor power PRs from: 1s to 1hr 6 minutes

Here’s my VeloViewer summary of the year…

Tweaks for Next Year

I don’t do resolutions or distance goals. I tend to set the goal as “enjoying my cycling as much as possible”.

In 2024 I’d like to do more Zone 2 rides and hopefully a lot more outdoor. Much as I enjoy Zwift, there is no escaping the fact that long indoor sessions are boring unless you’re racing. And you can’t race every time. So I’ve installed a music system in the garage to help with that.

Fewer “off-weeks” if possible. 4 “no bike” trips is at least 2 too many in any given year.

I’ll be carrying on with the Cyclopathy Friday Smash and have another race series planned.

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