I thought it would be fun to set up an Omnium on indieVelo for the week after DRS season 7 finishes. This is what we did…

It was excellent fun so we’re going to run it again on Tuesday 12th March at the same time, starting 0930 UTC (0530 ET)[US clocks change this weekend, UK don’t].

Below are the results and a live stream of the races. After that you can see a full description of all the races and how the points system works. Hope to see you there…

Live Stream of Omnium 1

Results of Omnium 1

How the Races Work

The Cyclopathy Omnium has been set up on indieVelo to be a fun set of races. The only requirement is that you have a smart trainer, HRM and Cadence sensors. Performance Verification is switched ON, which means it’s a ranked set of events.

It’s single pen with no matchmaking. But there will be additional robot entries making the minimum rider numbers up to 30. It will be a bit of a smashfest.

Sign Up

You can find it and sign up on the indievelo in-game Hub, Events tab if you select the Competitive Races tab. (Download indieVelo here.)

Race 1: 0930 UTC (0530 ET)

Race 1 is a 12-lap elimination race on the 500m Forest Velodrome. It’s completely flat. At the end of every lap, the last 2 riders to cross the line will be eliminated. It should be fast and furious.

Race 2: 0945 UTC (0545 ET)

Race 2 is an individual time trial over 2 laps of the rolling course North Lake Loop. It should be well under 10 minutes giving you time to recover for the next one. No need to mess about with TT bikes as I have so far not been able to find one in the garage.

I did a test race as I’d never done an iTT on indieVelo and it seems to be mass start with draft OFF on normal race bikes. Here’s a video of the route…

Race 3: 1000 UTC (0600 ET)

Race 3 is back at the velodrome again where we will have a 5 lap (2500m) Keirin race. The ‘bot pacer will ramp us gradually up to 50 kph over the neutral (NZ) first 1250m and after that we will battle it out to the end. If you accidentally overlap the ‘bot, you get sent to the back of the group automatically. Then we should have at least 8 minutes to recover for the points race.

Race 4: 1015 UTC (0615 ET)

Race 4 is a points race over 3 laps of North Lake Loop. We have a neutral start where the ‘bot pacer takes us to the top of the first bump and then it’s a free-for-all. There are two arches on this course. You will recognise it from the iTT. At every arch (except the lap start) there are points up for grabs for the top 30 riders in descending order (35,33,32,31,30,29,28,27,26,25,22,20,19,18,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) with double points at the finish.


Race Points will be 40,38,36… in decrements of 2 down to 20th place for each of the four races. Riders ranked 21st and below will score 1 point. The overall results will be tabulated manually and posted here on this page within a few hours of the event finish. I will also post them over at the indieVelo discord server.

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