DRS Season 5 Route Profiles and Videos

DRS Season 5 Route Profiles and Videos

I’ve done some resources for Dirt Racing Series Season 5. For each race there is a course profile and a course video of a race or a recon ride. Enjoy…

Prologue – London 8 Reverse 1 lap

Stage 1- Harrogate Circuit Reverse 2 laps

Harrogate Circuit Reverse

Recon video from DRS Summer of Champions shows the first 23km up to the top of Pot Bank on lap 2.

Stage 2 – Cobbled Climbs Reverse TTR 3 laps

Team Timed Race. Mass start drafting race where a team’s 4th rider across the line sets the team’s time. Nothing else counts. No segments. No positions. No points.

Stage 3 – Flatland Loop 3 laps

Stage 4 – Three little sisters 1 lap

The video is a race ending at the top of the volcano. DRS stage 4 race finishes back downtown at 37.8 km.

Stage 5 – LaGuardia Loop 3 laps iTT

We’re only doing 3 laps, but this 7-lap video will give you the idea

Stage 6 – Electric Loop 2 laps